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Chapter 1: Jason.
"Even before he got electrocuted, Jason was having a rotten day. He woke  in the back seat of a school bus. Not sure where he was."
I loved the way this book started, the very first paragraph is hilarious! I just had to illustrate it.

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Leo, anyone? 

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Diff interps of Leo’s curly hair! #1 is actually more how curly I imagine Nico’s (maybe slightly curlier than Nico’s), and y’all know #2 is my default but I wanted to see ‘em side by side

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did someone say lesbian valdangelo?


well i’m going to draw it anyways<3

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Leo needs a family not a girlfriend 

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hey you

yeah you

you wanna plot? you wanna request stuff? ask me something? you wanna talk? tell me how your day was? tell me how much of a bitch your sibling is? tell me how much you love fried oreos?

well you go right ahead because my ask is open and i’m always here to listen

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Whines, and nudges. "I will eat your blue prints-"

"Don’t make me take out my chainsaw…"

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Anonymous asked :
"Leo! I've taught you better than that. We shake out wrenches when we tell people that we're not buying them food." Esperanza folds her arms. "Now apologize to the boy who thinks you're made of money, and do it right. Dios Mio."

"But mama! I don’t—"


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