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Anonymous//Leo misses Alexis so much he sometimes thinks he can see her hiding on every shadowy corner.



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 ”Okay, you guys ( unculturedroman cursedcurios ) are scarying me.

                     First off, Hazel, you’re excused.
                         But Jason. You should know who The Rock is.

              Maybe its a Roman thing.

AnonymousHeadcanon: Once upon a time, there was a guy who tried to make off with Leo's tools. That same day, a man was mysteriously admitted to a local hospital with a set of pliers clamped, seemingly magically, around his balls. Moral of the story: Leo's tools. No touchy.

           { sorta accepted??????? }

AnonymousLeo's dreams about his mother are so intense that sometimes when he wakes up, he can still smell her shampoo.

           { sad headcanon accepted. }



      ” —— the smolder works  nine  times out of ten.
                 i’m telling you. buuut it’s not really something
                 to  be  taught.  you  either have it, or you don’t. “

         ”Do you think I got what it takes?”




                    Yo sé — and sure, I guess He responds with a idle shrug 
                      of his shoulders before turning, back now faced towards the
                      other. — but don’t touch it, alright? I don’t want you to give the
                      Scarab another reason to vaporize you.  

             ”Who are you talking to?” Leo asked, curiously.

             ”No te preocupes. I won’t touch it. But why does
             it want to fry me? Can you talk to it? Whoa!” Leo
             reached out to touch it, but stopped, remembering
             the hero’s warning.

             ”Genial! ¿Dónde lo encontraste?


"That’s right." The snowman confirmed once more, trying his best to be helpful.

Watching still as his flurry bounced overhead from the prodding and pokes Leo gave it, he was amused by the boy’s interest. It was nice someone was more interested in that than in his present being. He shifted where he sat so he could clutch his little snowball feet and rock back and forth contently. 

"They’re the best people I know!" He replied happily, thinking of Anna and Elsa’s laughter and Sven’s fuzzy face and Kristoff’s big stompy feet. All the things that strangely completed his world. "What’s your family like?" he asked curiously.

His head craned to the side with a half smile. “I solemnly swear no one will know about our ice cream adventure.”

"Hm…" Leo crossed his arms. "So, Elsa is a witch who made you? And your aunt is Anna…and you live in— where again?"

Leo poked at the snowman’s flurry a little more. Tiny snowflakes danced around his arm, in a spiral, before dissolving on his abnormally hot skin. “I’m sorry. Am I annoying you in anyway?” He asked the snowman, while poking at his flurry. “This is so cool. I wonder if the Hecate kids can do this.” He thought in his head. “Elsa wouldn’t happen to be related to Khione, would she?”

The demigod softly smiled. It was nice to hear about his family and friends. At least the snowman had a happy life. “My family?” He rubbed the back of his head and frown a bit. “I don’t know if friends count as family, but they’re all crazy.”

Leo held out his hand. “Shake on it.”